Our Services

Time, attention, and dollars are finite resources, so growing K–12 shops need to be smart about what they build, where they invest, and how they secure district partnerships.

ESC supports organizations at all stages of growth. Whether it’s finding your footing, acquiring new customers, expanding your audience, or building your industry network, we’re here to help.


Founder sales and coaching for early-stage companies

For as little as a few hours a month, we help new businesses tackle the critical early-stage work that leads to success down the road.

  • Hone your message

  • Transform your sales plan

  • Sharpen your revenue forecasting as you pitch investors

  • Seek and secure your first customers

  • Receive counsel on sales, marketing, and business development

Tap into our expertise for a low cost of entry—our early-stage work conserves your cash and is primarily built around commission and/or equity.

K–12 district sales engine

Emerging and growing education organizations live and die by sales, so early investment in your company’s sales engine pays countless dividends down the road. We’re your sales-team-for-hire, and we know who gets to drink the coffee.

  • Stand up a sales organization quickly and with minimal lift by your team.

  • Secure meetings with “lighthouse” districts, then land and expand.

  • Have us represent your team and solutions at district meetings and strategic events.

  • Build and manage your pipeline, securing new business contracts.

The K–12 district sales cycle can be long, grueling, and intimidating. For us, it’s business as usual. We shorten the cycle and increase average deal sizes on the first pass.

Our  K–12 engine puts us out in the field, selling with and for you. Our engagements combine retainer, commision, and equity into a package that works for your budget and aligns our interests around the thing you need most: new customers.

NYC-based sales engine

The New York City market is its own animal, requiring companies to sell school-to-school. Our experience and network position us particularly well to implement a NYC–focused sales engine, helping you navigate the complex terrain with ease.

  • Save considerable time and effort by piggybacking on our built-in relationships with schools and regional offices.

  • Let our New York–based sales team do the groundwork so that you can focus on continuing to build great products.

Our NYC sales engine’s engagements combine retainer and commission to meet your budget needs and revenue goals.

Market mapping

Our research and analytics team works on a project basis to help you determine what the market needs and what’s worth building.

  • Connect with our unique network of superintendents, who will share with you firsthand what schools wants, need, and can afford.

  • Create your success roadmap.

Marketing and strategic communications

As part of our other services, we engage our marketing expert when organizations need help telling their story in a way that makes people listen.

Business-to-business sales

We spend a lot of time and effort selling to districts, but they’re not the only market out there. Our network includes key decision-makers in many of the industry’s leading content and solution providers. Talk to us about how to sell to other K–12 industry providers.